Automotive Locksmith Training

Automotive Locksmith Training: How to Train as an Auto Locksmith

Training for auto locksmiths is frequently acquired on the job, and several trade schools provide training programmes. Another option is to enrol in an online training programme for training. Being an auto locksmith is more difficult now than it formerly was. This is because modern cars’ security systems are harder to access using a slim jim, and car keys can not be easily duplicated.

Auto locksmith training is needed if you want to learn the ins and outs of the trade. However, the skills required for this trade can be acquired on the job by working with a professional locksmith. The training can last as long as 3 months to up to 4 years until the necessary skills have been acquired. This is according to the ALOA Security Professionals Association.

There are additional training programmes available that could increase your career possibilities and reduce the volume of on-the-job training needed. There are some standard locksmithing courses that include instruction on auto locks.

Automotive Locksmith Training

Auto Locksmith Training and Licensing

There are several locksmith course options, including auto locksmith online training and on-site training courses through a community institution or trade school. In order to practise, locksmiths must hold a licence in 17 states as of 2021. Therefore, be sure to verify the rules in your state to ensure that the course you choose will fall within the ambit.

You can also choose to complete a certified automotive locksmith training course with a professional association like ALOA. This association offers continued programmes to help increase your skills and maintain them just as auto security features continue to change.

Automotive Locksmith and Criminal Record

We are all aware that a locksmith’s abilities can be exploited to commit crimes. As a result, anyone with a criminal record won’t be able to participate in the programme. So, if your criminal record isn’t spotless, you can’t enrol in any classes or training to become an auto locksmith. Background checks will be performed as part of the admissions process if you choose to attend a trade school.

You can also choose to complete a certified automotive locksmith training course with a professional association like ALOA. This association offers continued programmes to help increase your skills and maintain them just as auto security features continue to change.

Automotive Locksmith Training

Auto Locksmith Certification

To become a locksmith, you must acquire your locksmithing license. The method for this licencing varies from state to state, so endeavour to make your inquiries. For instance, in the state of Texas, two apprenticeships must be completed before a licence is granted. In another state, like North Carolina, you will have to take a test to receive your licence to become a locksmith. However, you will be required to pay a certain fee after filling out an application. This is a general requirement and is not limited to some states.

If you are looking to start your own company, you will also need to look up the requirements to get your company registered and licensed. This varies from state to state as well.

Locksmith Flexibility and Ever-Changing Dynamics

As an auto locksmith, you’d often not be confined to a specific space. A locksmith is also almost always on the move, as they can be called to any location at any time. A person who is locked out of their car would require the services of a professional locksmith. This is why an auto locksmith should have their own van, which is usually fitted with all the necessary toolkit needed for the job.

Furthermore, a locksmith can be needed even when it is not convenient for them, and sometimes has to travel very far to help a customer. This changing dynamic leads to different work environments. For this reason, a locksmith must also acquire or possess other skills, such as:

  • Ability to work with their hands
  • Good communication skills, especially with customers
  • Customer service skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Ability to improvise in a tight situation, etc.


Training to become an automotive locksmith is choosing to become a specialist, as there are other areas of specialization. It is often recommended to go through the apprenticeship program, which allows you to train on the job. This is a better option compared to taking courses online. However, because of the flexibility that comes with taking online courses, most would go for it so as to carry on with their regular full-time jobs.


However, locksmithing is a lucrative business. However, you may not make as much as a generalist as a specialist. A generalist would usually get at least 3 jobs in a day, while a specialist might get only 1 job in a day. It all comes down to your marketing skills anyway. But an auto locksmith with a good reputation would make nothing less than 5-6 figures annually.

Mastering the art of locksmithing takes years. You may have taken the course and training, which would normally last a few days to a few months. But mastering the skills would take at least 4 years. So, you definitely have a long way to go.

The cost varies from locksmith to locksmith. It should, however, not cost you more than $600-$1000. There is always a price to pay, especially if you intend to start a career in a new profession. Of course, in due time, the investment would be worth it.

Before applying to take a locksmith training program, make sure you have a valid driver’s license and a clean criminal history. You will not be considered after a background check if you have a history of crime; even the most petty crimes will disqualify you.

The age requirement differs from state to state. You can always make an enquiry in your state to find out the required age to get a license. However, you will need to fill out an application as well as pay a one-time fee to get a licence to become a locksmith.

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